I Cry to Cleanse My Energy Digital Download by Adele

  • I created a self portrait watercolor piece. I would say that summer for me was full of a lot of emotional cleansing. As someone who is a “Crybaby” I don’t see it as being sad all the time, but rather a cleansing of the soul. So I created a piece that reflects that.


    This piece is no longer available for purchase through our platform. If you would like to purchase please contact Adele here.

  • My name is Adele Jackson. I am an illustration artist and designer from Los Angeles, CA. My art journey started back at the age of 12 when my mom took my sister and me to take art classes, which from there, I fell in love with being able to create a picture out of paints and pencils and telling a story. Fast forward to now, at the age of 26, I have been able to take my art and use it to create my own shop where I sell my artwork in many different mediums. What I hope to express through my art is a sense of love, joy, and empowerment.You can learn more about her here.