Blue Smoke Tarot / Altar Cloth by Melissa

  • The Blue Smoke Tarot / Altar cloth was born from a desire for a cloth that
    could function both in tarot readings and as an object of pure aesthetics.
    Each one is slightly unique, depicting an array of symbolic items commonly
    used for ritual and personal practice, including the four tarot suits of
    wand, blade, chalice and coin. Around the border are found the astrological
    signs with the cardinal signs Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries in the
    four corners. For use in rituals, divination, decoration, and personal

    22x22" Silkscreen on Satin

    This work is no longer available for sale on our site, but if you would like to purchase an altar cloth please contact Melissa here.

  • Melissa Duffy is an illustrator, comic artist and cartoonist based in Richmond, VA. She draws themes of strong folk, daring folk, clueless folk, plants, animals, thanatopsis and deep love. Find her on instagram @melissatheduffy