Plant Grandbabies by Sam

  • A self-proclaimed creative adjacent, Sam doesn't consider herself an artist, but plants are where she spends her time when she isn't creating space for those who do.


    This piece is no longer available for purchase through our platform. If you would like to purchase please contact Sam here.

  • Originally from San Diego, Samantha (Sam) Ramos identifies as a Filipina-American, not-straight, creative adjacent. She is a freelance brand strategist and social media nut passionate about the growth of creatives and their ability to flourish as entrepreneurs through their craft. She strives to create media for businesses that comfortably, accurately, and tastefully reflects their true identities, rather than perpetuating the belief that success is only possible through a socially mandated formula.

    She has a lifelong love for her Anderson.Paak inspired cat, Andy, calamari, and her obscene amount of houseplants. Once she’s lived all the life there is to live, she plans to open a comfort food cafe slash plant shop. You can follow her adventures until then here, and that last photo is her.