Intense Love for the Ego by Kate

  • Self care is cleansing and at times also experimental. It is a valid form of expressing and caressing our inner and outer selves. The color blue can commonly be resonated as refreshing, clean, calm, and dewy. However, if having the desire to make an impression, blue hues can also be bold, eclectic, striking, and can easily make a statement. I wanted to correlate all three of the pieces showcasing a bridge between the two contrasting aspects. 

    This piece is no longer available for purchase through our platform. If you would like to purchase please contact Kate here.

  • HI!💗
    My name is Kate Iglesia
    My pseudonym is PEACHYK8
    Feel free to spell my name as either Kate or K8 :)
    I am 22 y/o born and raised in VA Bch!
    I am Filipina! 🇵🇭 goofy, small, and always hungry :( lol.

    Some of my favorite things include eating sushi, watching TedTalks and youtube, watching Daria and Sailor Moon, going on road trips, animals, digging for music, sleeping, and of course creating art!

    I am a visual artist. I typically illustrate on my ipad or paint using oils or gouache!
    I am a student at Old Dominion University! I’m studying Studio Art at the moment, so I’ve had opportunities in experimenting with different kinds of art such as 3D based, ceramics, drawing, digital, and painting.

    I LOVE learning new things and going out and meeting new people. I just want to do the most with everything and anything that interests me. But of course trancing out to some r&b or hiphop while transferring my imagination onto paper is my absolute favorite way to tune out of this world. ✌🏻💚