Just a little Fringe & A Stroll in Cinque Terre by Chelsea

  • I have been getting more into digital illustration and mixing up my style lately. I’m having lots of fun with it, and that’s the point! So this first piece was inspired by my love of portraying a female character. It honestly was just fun to make! The second was inspired by my trip to Italy it’s beautiful out there and I had lots of time to sketch.


    This piece is no longer available for purchase through our platform. If you would like to purchase please contact Chelsea here.

  • I am a Designer, Illustrator and average human being living in Richmond, VA. When I’m not designing you can catch me going to my favorite Richmond eateries, buying everything in Madewell and stocking up on Milk Makeup. I love all aspects of design; web, print, illustration, social media. You name it, I’m inspired to put something on it. See more of my work here.