Mahaneela and Lunga Ntila interpretation of modern love

Johannesburg based digital artist @lunga_ntila collaborated with @mahaneela.jpg on a mixed-media project exploring modern love. The result is captivating.

Opening with the brief to explore the theme of “Modern Love” alongside a mixed-media creative, Mahaneela spotted the work of Lunga Ntila, a Joburg-based creative who uses collage techniques to evolve her photography. However, it turned out that Mahaneela and Lunga already knew each other by coincidence after Mahaneela photographed the artist for South African magazine, Between 10 and 5 back in 2018. Impressed at the time by her work ethic, her exploration of colour and “most importantly how she captures a diverse range of people who come from different backgrounds,” Lunga has been a fan of Mahaneela’s ever since. “Representation of black people is important and I love how she prioritises that in her work.”

The final images chosen as a result represent both their initial ideas and concepts, as well as both creatives’ differing – but equally bold – approach. For Lunga, she hopes that audiences can view these images as an opportunity to “really interrogate love in the three perspectives we have highlighted in our design,” she tells us. “How they view love and how they interact with love – hopefully, they become more honest with themselves in regards to their expectations and any pains that they might not have gotten over,” she continues.

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