Daniel Gebhart's reinterpretation of the art of Chindōgu.

Chindōgu is the art of inventing seemingly practical but ultimately useless gadgets to enhance everyday life. Popularised in Japan in the 90s by its creator, Kenji Kawakami, it was originally just a comical section that appeared in his monthly magazine, Mail Order Life. From fans attached to your chopsticks that cool your food before you eat it, to a Pritt Stick of butter that allows for easy application onto your toast, chindōgu is the perfect balance between ingenuity and absurdity.

“I have a huge crush on everything coming from Japan and I love their unconventional way of thinking. When I found out about these super useful inventions, I couldn’t believe it. It was perfect and I had to try it.” ⠀ -Daniel Gebhart

After pitching the idea to Nicotine magazine and getting the go ahead, Daniel enlisted the help of stylists Kristin Baumann and Sina Braetz, and set to work recreating some of the hilarious life hacks made famous by Kawakami.

Learn more about the artist and this series at his website, and the It's Nice That feature that dives deeper on the project.

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