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Frequently asked questions

How can I be a part of GlimpseGlow?

We’re so glad you asked! Artists, makers, creators can reach us here for general inquiries, and here if you’re a creator and you’d like to submit your work. There you can upload an example of your work and tell us a little about yourself. From there, we’ll reach out about further instructions if you’ve been chosen for an upcoming quarter!

Do I need to be based out of Richmond to have my work featured?

Absolutely not! The beauty of GlimpseGlow that it’s a virtual platform. Although we look forward to seeing what GlimpseGlow would look like IRL, we want to make it as accessible to all folks as we can. If you’ve got work that you’d like featured, submit it here now!

Can I request a certain color for the quarter?

We love hearing from you! We won’t be able to guarantee that a color you vote for will necessarily make the cut for the upcoming quarter, but we will definitely keep them in our bank of ideas.

Will you ever feature your work in real life besides the launch pop-up?

That’s the dream! As we continue to grow GlimpseGlow, our goal is that we’ll be able to bring creative minds together all in one place and give the general public access to all of their carefully curated work. We hope to be able to make this happen soon. If you’re someone who has space or resources that would like to contribute to that dream, PLEASE reach out here! We love collaborating and would love to hear from you.

How much of the profit will I receive when my work sells?

You’ll keep 90% of all profit and the remaining 10% will go purely toward continuing the project and keeping GlimpseGlow alive. We feel very strongly about creatives charging what you’re worth so don’t be afraid to charge for all the hard work you put in!

What does the process look like when for makers who want to get involved with GlimpseGlow?

The GlimpseGlow team reaches out to makers that we’d like to feature in an upcoming collection and/or processes intake forms received via our online intake form.
Once a list of makers is confirmed, makers will have 1 month to create work due 1 month prior to the launch of the upcoming collection.
Month prior to launch, GlimpseGlow features and announces artists for upcoming collection. Work is sent to Ash & Sam in Richmond, VA and photographed to be featured in GlimpseGlow during the month prior to launch.
Launch day! All work will be posted and up for sale immediately. We will sell the work on our online shop (this website!) and at a launch pop up in Richmond VA.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of pieces that I can submit for a collection?

Yes and no! We ask that makers submit at least one piece and a maximum of 4 pieces. Makers can have as large of a quantity as they like of each piece available on the site. Exceptions are possible, just be sure to reach out to us first!

What can I submit to be considered for a GlimpseGlow Collection?

GREAT QUESTION. The simple answer is: anything! We want to let you spread your creative wings and stay true to what YOU would create and would make YOU feel fulfilled as a maker. This could include but is not limited to:

Prints Paintings Plants Sculptures Jewelry Homegoods
Clothing Product design Clothing Zines Enamel pins That being said, let your imagination run wild! We love all of these ideas, but we also have people who are also interested in submitting press on nails, baby mobiles, and so much more. Don’t let us hold you back.

What do you mean by “for-yourself-work”?

GlimpseGlow hinges on the idea that creatives (and non-creatives by trade) tend to get caught up in cranking out work for clients that their personal creative juices get pushed to the wayside. We want to create a space for these people to make work again, just because they can, without the pressure of clients, or restraint.

Do I have to sell my work?

Absolutely not! We want to encourage creatives to use this space to make things just because they can, without the pressure of client prompts. You can sell your work for very little, sell your work for a lot, “sell” your work for free, or just make work to be featured! This is also totally up to you as a maker! We want you to have free reign. Just let us know how you would like to present your work within the project.

Can I “sell” my work for free?

Definitely. If this is how you’d rather your work be featured we can absolutely do that. Just let us know how many quantities you’d like to be available of your work.

When are the deadlines to submit for each collection?

Our deadline to submit intake forms for The Blue Collection is September 2, 2019, and the deadline to have the work created and in our hands is September 30, 2019. The deadlines for later collections will be announced later this year!

When will we see your first collection?

The Blue Collection is our first collection and is set to launch early November!

I still have questions! Where can I reach you?

We have answers! Just reach out to us here.

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